Starting Over

I created many years ago for my fanlisting adventures, but when that fad started to fade I created the love-sick blog. As time went on I wanted to branch out, leave behind that old site and create something new! That is how CocoRichelle began. Coco is the nickname my best friends in college gave me and Richelle is my middle name. Once I created this name for myself online for various websites, I knew I needed to do something more concrete with it. Lucky for me, no one had discovered this beautiful combination yet and was born!

I have imported my old blog posts to this site and will slowly be creating something wonderful here. Hopefully in time this will become something… something personal and also something that others can utilize in their lives. I want to talk about myself, my life, my days, but I also want to continue with blogging about things that are important to me and also things that I like and love.

Stay tuned!

Hello world!

Hi there! My name is Courtney and I’ve been an active member of the interwebz since I was about 12! I’m now 20 (almost 21!) and this is my first venture (I think?) in the world of blogging. I’ve been a fan of blogs since before I can remember, but I never put the effort into hosting my own. Currently, I’m an active member of the fanlisting world (you can view my site at and use it as a way to outlet my creativity in designing simple but unique websites. I decided to start the blog, finally, because I want to review products as a side project while I’m in college. It’s just another fun way for me to spend my time!  This blog is still very new, and nameless, but I hope to expand it in the future, but for now it’s a very simple and clean slate! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!