OuiPlease Vol. 2.1: La Vie En Rose

This is my fifth OuiPlease box (I signed up for the yearly subscription) and also, unfortunately, the worst that I have received so far. I am trying to be optimistic about OuiPlease because they really seemed to have turned a corner with the last box, which was pretty great!

I have two issues with Vol 2.1. The first issue is shipping related. Finally they ship the box ON TIME like they promised they would. That in itself is a HUGE step up for them because they started off pretty rocky with shipment delays. I am very impressed with how quick they had Vol. 2.1 out. The issue is that they AGAIN shipped the box to my OLD address. I’ve already contacted them once before because it had not been updated and they claimed it would be fixed but it wasn’t and ended up arriving on the doorstep of my old apartment. Lucky for me, the girl who lives there now returned the box to the office.

My second issue is with the value I have received. This is what I have received in my Vol. 2.1. Box (prices pulled directly from the OuiPlease Magazine):

  • Les Petites … Paris Scarf – $120
  • NUXE Gentle Exfoliating Gel (75ml/2.6oz) – $24
  • Oliv’ Eye and Lips Smoothing Gel (0.5fl.oz) – $50
  • La Fare 1789 Intense Night Cream (30ml/1.0fl.oz) – $25
  • Le Chocolat Des Francais Chocolate Bars (30g ea) – $15 (2 bars)
  • Kusmi Tea The vert a la rose (25g/0.88oz) – about $5 according to kusmitea.com (Not listed in booklet)

And two coupons:

  • 25% off Les Petites … Paris Spring/Summer 2016 Collection (Bloomingdale’s in store only)
  • 20% off NUXE Paris online (www.us.nuxe.com)

This total adds up to just $239 which is $161 under $400 that I was promised when I signed up. I can only hope that this was in error and that I am simply missing item(s). There are numerous different jewelry items listed in the booklet, I was shocked I didn’t receive one of them considering how low my box was. I’ve reached out to OuiPlease to get both issues resolved and I will post an update once I have heard back. Historically they have been pretty quick to send out a replacement item.

Because of this low blow, I have a hard time appreciating the items in this box. I was so excited with the 1.6 box and this one is such a let down.

I do really like the Les Petites scarf, but I am shocked by the $120 price tag. It is very pretty, so I am happy to have it and it is the best item in the box. I also am interested in trying the Chocolate Barss and Kusmi Tea. I have always enjoyed the Parisian food items that they include in the box and I cannot wait to try them both.

This was probably the box that I was most excited to receive because I am a fan of Edith Piaf and loved the movie based on her life, La Vie En Rose. It is unfortunate that this ended up to be my least favorite box from OuiPlease.




OuiPlease Vol. 1.5: Along the Loire Valley

Since the last box shipped at the end of July and this is a bi-monthly box, I had expected the shipment over a month ago. However, I wasn’t

  • Salome Charly – Trie Bracelet ($50)
  • Concept Provence – Facial Toner ($20)
  • Sencha & Bourbon – Cotton or Cashmere Scarf ($120-130)
  • Historiae – Hameau de la Reine Fragrance ($40)
  • Historiae – Bouquet du Trianon Soap ($10)
  • Savor & Sens – Mustard Walnut Flavor ($15)
  • L’Attelier – Roasted Almonds ($15)
  • La Route des Comptoirs – Perle d’Amour Organic Black Tea ($30)

The value of my box is either $300 or $310, depending on which scarf I received (which I have a hard time believing is over $100). Regardless, it is again disappointing that the value was $100 lower than the $400 value that they promise. However, at least I didn’t see any huge inflation with the products this time. I emailed OuiPlease and they are sending me another “gift” to make up for the ‘missing items’.

salome-charly-trie concept-provence-facial-toner historiae-hameau-de-la-reine 
historiae-bouquet-du-trianon-soap l-attelier-tentations-caramelisees-amandes la-route-des-comptoirs-perle-d-amour

The bracelet is slightly different than the one pictured.
Not Pictured: Sencha & Bourbon scarf, Savor & Sens mustard

As for the actual items, surprisingly the scarf is my favorite item in the box. It is super soft and the monogram of my initials is a sweet touch from Sencha & Bourbon. The scarf is not really my style, but I will definitely find a way to incorporate it in my wardrobe.

I am still trying out the other items, but so far I like the facial toner. I definitely did not need more toner but I am still happy to have it. I was glad to not see any more lotion since the last box was overflowing with lotion.

Overall, I was not super excited about Volume 1.5. Even with the over inflation, I feel like the last box was much better but I am trying to stay optimistic about the gift they are sending me.


UPDATE: I received the “gift” item that OuiPlease sent to me. I was super impressed that it came to me within only ONE DAY of them responding to my email. And then I opened the box:



Marina de Bourbon Dynastie Vamp (100ml – no box) – $160

I am so happy that they sent me this item! I am beyond ecstatic that the item was high value and actually made me meet the $400 value and even pass it!

OuiPlease Vol. 1.4: Escape to the French Riviera

I was intrigued to see how OuiPlease would handle this box considering the backlash from the undervalued boxes in the 1.3 Provence box (you can see my review here) and slightly feeling like I may have been bamboozled. OuiPlease tackled this issue with the following packing slip to indicate that they did indeed meet the “over $400 worth” promise:




Here’s the list of items with the actual brand and product names:


Total – $430

Looks pretty good, right? Well, some of these items seem VERY overvalued. Let’s break them down one by one and see where we’re at.

First up, the item that made me seethe the most:


1. Betchy Sketch – Coasters ($20)

When I first saw the item labelled “Coasters” I thought that $20 would be a bargain.. until I realized that the 4 pieces of thin paper (my boyfriend commented, “it’s an insult to call that cardboard”) are actually the ‘coasters’. See below:




These are actually pretty cute… as far as the drawing go, but $20 for 4 little pieces of paper? What? ALSO, they are printed with “oui please” all over them. So, ultimately, I am paying OuiPlease so that I can advertise for OuiPlease. I would totally understand these as a cute little bonus item, but they value these at $20! I could buy SO MUCH MORE for $20. I could buy REAL coasters.. not PAPER coasters.. In fact, I have done that before already. WHAT THE HECK, OUIPLEASE, WHY?! I’d also like to note that this company is based out of Dallas… interpret that however you’d like.

Since this is a custom piece, they can name their price.


2. Objets Obscurs – Bracelet Ksena Crochet Rouge ($50)

Another one of my let down items was the following bracelet, valued at $50. It actually LOOKS quite cute, but the materials used felt very cheap. I did a little research, and it seems to be brass and cotton yarn. Again, for $50, I could get a way higher quality piece pretty much anywhere.



(Click to Enlarge) 

And to make matters worse, OuiPlease has again OVERVALUED items. They list this as $50 in my packing slip, and on the website it is only 25 euros, which is roughly $28. Not to mention Objets Obscurs has a 50% off coupon right now. Now that price makes way more sense to me.


3. Graine De Pastel – Baume De Cocagne ($50)

I am excited to try this brand, and was happy to see the product price isn’t too far off from OuiPlease’s apparent guess. Graine De Pastel’s website shows this item as 33 euros, which is about $38. The product smells really good and I like the texture. I can already tell I will like this one.




 4. Graine De Pastel – Hand Cream ($30)

And then OuiPlease again proved that they have no idea how to convert euros to dollars, because this is only 12.50 euros, which is is just under $14.. and less than HALF what OuiPlease valued it at. I can’t even anymore. Despite this, it looks like a good product, so I am overall happy with it being added to the box. I am going to leave it at my desk at work and try to use it daily since I have a tendency to get lotion and then never use it.




5. Pier Auge – Body Caresse Agrume ($80)

The highest valued item in the box, is actually 53.20 euros, which is just under $60. Still a pretty high value item, so I am pleased to get a chance to try it. It feels very thick, which I like in a lotion. It smells nice, as well.




6. Doux Me – Rose Mist ($35)

This item is 19 euros according to their website, which is about $21. I have never used a rose mist but I love face mists and I can’t wait to see how it feels. The bottle says that it can help take off make-up so it looks like it is more of an end-of-the-day spray. I use a face spray every morning already, so it will be nice adding something for nighttime.




7. Kingies – Life Is Beautiful T-Shirt ($40)

I couldn’t find anything about this shirt or brand online, but my beef with it isn’t really the price (even though … hello, that’s $40 for a t-shirt!!!) but rather the fact that it has a STAIN. Check it out below:


kingies-2 kingies-1

I’m not sure what happened here, but it’s definitely not beautiful to have a yellow highlighter mark on your shirt, but I understand.. it happens. Even without the mark, this shirt is slightly too small for me to work.

UPDATE: I emailed OuiPlease and they said they will send me another item to make up for it. I actually am impressed by this!


8. Little Marcel – Simia Beach Towel ($45)

I LOVE this towel, honestly this is my favorite item, and they didn’t lie on the price at all! Yay! At 39 euros regularly, this piece is about $43.. which is right on target with OuiPlease’s price! The website had the item on sale, but I honestly do not care because it’s so cute!


simia-marin IMG_4612

I love getting beach towels in a box, so this definitely helped to soften the blow of the other item’s lackluster. It’s a colorful design, and I am happy to have it.


 9. La Fare 1789 – Lavender Flower Jar ($20)

I couldn’t find this item on their website, but considering their creams range from 8-17 euros, I have a hard time believing this jar of flowers is actually $20. I’m not sure what I would actually use it for but the bottle says that it was traditionally placed in cabinets to repel moths. Another item I will leave at my desk at work so that it actually gets some use.




10. Lulu en Provence – Cappuccino Clutch ($40)

I couldn’t find the exact one I had, but the Ecru colored is listed as 22 euros, which is less than $25. Again, inflation on OuiPlease’s price. I think the quality of the bag is not that great either and the design isn’t anything special to me. Reveuse means dreamer, but I don’t really consider burlap to correlate with the term. However, part of me likes it, and I think I will use it to *ehem* carry tampons in my bag. TMI but whatever.

reveuse Ecru -Reveuse


11. Confiserie Stanislas – Nougat Lemon ($20)

To access their store, you have to create an account.. so I am not entirely sure how much this bar actually retails for. I am okay with the $20 price since it is fancy French Candy, even though I wouldn’t be surprised if it is inflated as well. However, I am actually excited to try it! My boyfriend and I each had a bite, and it’s okay. Definitely better than the hard candy that was included in the last box. But definitely not worth $20.




Now that I’ve gone through each item, it’s time to calculate the adjusted MUCH MORE realistic total:


Of course, I did not adjust the items which I couldn’t find a price for, so I would not be surprised if this is even lower (paid a huge premium on $20 pieces of paper, a $40 t-shirt, and $20 flower pieces). If you’re like me, I have about $100 in each box since I got the annual subscription with a coupon, so the burn isn’t TOO bad. If you consider each item at least $10, then this box at the very least is $110 which is more than what I paid per box AND a good majority of the products were worth more than that (mainly the lotions). What burns is that this company flat out lies. If they want to attribute extra cost to the curation, shipping, or something else.. LABEL it. Do not attribute these costs to the individual item because it makes your look like liars.

I am pleased with the brands they chose for the beauty products, and I am excited to try them out. I was a little annoyed that they included two body balms and a hand lotion, because it just seems like lotion overload… but I can deal with that. As I said before, I LOVE the towel. Plus I adore the box they package the items in – they could add that in as a $20 item and I would be less mad about it than I was with the paper coasters!

Overall, OuiPlease would be a fun subscription, except they put such a huge focus on these fake product prices that it makes it hard to not feel gypped.

Rachel Zoe’s Summer 2015 Box Of Style Review

Introducing Box Of Style. Over $300 worth of glamorous finds, curated by Rachel Zoe and delivered to you for only $100.

One of the most sought over boxes so far this year, Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style was sold out within a few hours of launching and I was one of the lucky ones to get on board from the beginning! This time I decided to sign up for an annual subscription.

Here’s what was included in the Summer box:

  • Cambridge Satchel Company Large Push Lock Cross Body Bag – Value $150
  • Mara Hoffman Sarong – Value $98
  • O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face – Value $44
  • Too Faced Color Drenched Lip Cream in Spice Spice Baby – Value $22
  • Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer – Value $34
  • Bristols Six Nippies Skin Covers – Value $26

At a $374 value, the box more than met the $300 minimum they promise. This is HUGE.

I love the Mara Hoffman Sarong and have already used it a few times this summer. It is absolutely gorgeous and looks very trendy by the pool.

Even though I didn’t particularly love the rest of the items in the box, I was very impressed with the quality of the curation and love that the box is worth its price.

This box is already one of the most consistent and timely which is impressive for subscription boxes. I can’t wait to see what Rachel has in store for us in the next box!

POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box – June 2015 Review

It’s summertime, and we’re planning to spend as much time outside as we can! In June, we brought you some stylish shades from Quay Australia, the perfect Summer read from Judy Blume, and other treats to beat June gloom and keep you active and happy for months to come.

The box is $40/month, but I typically get $5 off with coupon: MUSTHAVE5

Here’s what was included this month:

  • Quay Australia Mandate Sunglasses – Value $45
  • Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette – Value $14
  • Yogitoes Peacock hBand – Value $4
  • Judy Blume In the Unlikely Event –  Value $28
  • SPONGELLÉ Boxed Flowers-Fleur en Boîte – Value $16
  • SNAP Infusion SUPERCANDY – Value $4
  • Special Extra! Sweet & Spark $30 Gift Card

Again, this value is over $100 which I think is great! I am most excited to wear the Quay Sunglasses. They seem to be very high quality!

BirchBox Man June 2015

WRITE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE – Pack your bags with multitasking washes, rugged gear, and a solid SPF—the journey’s about to begin.

My box included:

  • Supergoop!® Everyday SPF 50 with Cellular Response Technology, 2.4 oz.
  • Happy Socks Men’s Socks
  • Davines MOMO Conditioner
  • Davines MOMO Shampoo
  • Hanz de Fuko Claymation

I signed up for BirchBox Man for my boyfriend, mainly for hair gel samples. We have been lucky to get a different on in every box. He doesn’t care much for the one included in this box, unfortunately. The rest of the items are not something he would typically use and it has been difficult to get him to use them. I really like that they included the socks though! They don’t seem very masculine, but I like them!

POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box – April 2015 Review

What inspired the April Must Have Box? Spring, Simplicity, Markets, Outdoors.

I wasn’t going to sign-up for this month’s POPSUGAR Must Have, but ended up caving. Here’s what was included:

Overall, I was happy with the box because I am in love with the Dabney Lee Umbrella and I have been needing a new umbrella for a long time. I am shocked that it’s only a $20 value because it seems very well made.  The other items are not anything I will get much use out of but they are all very nice products.

The One Love Organics body serum is a high value skin care item and has a very strong and unique floral smell which I like but am not sure it is something I will use often.

I do like that the Produce candle is in a mason jar and can be reused after the candle has burned fully.

CocoFeed @popsugarmh


I also thought the Garden in a Bag is absolutely adorable!

CocoFeed: And we have sprouts


My least favorite product was probably the reusable bag simply because I do not have a use for that particular style. It is a cool idea though and I could see leaving it in my car for travel uses.

The box total worth is about $100 and at $35 (after coupon) it was a great value for me!

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Rachel Zoe’s Spring 2015 Box Of Style Review

Introducing Box Of Style. Over $300 worth of glamorous finds, curated by Rachel Zoe and delivered to you for only $100.

One of the most sought over boxes so far this year, Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style was sold out within a few hours of launching and I was one of the lucky ones to get one!

Honestly, when I first saw the full spoilers, I didn’t think I would be a fan, but after I had a chance to play with the items, I am so happy that I subscribed! Here’s what was in the box:

You can check out Rachel’s explanation for why she chose each item below:



When I first signed up for the box, I really didn’t like the bracelet which was the “hero” item of the box. I just liked that it was high value and I figured at the very least, it would be resellable. Boy was I wrong! I absolutely love it and I am sure I will be wearing it daily for a long time to come. It fits me perfectly and I ended up loving the style. I don’t usually wear gold jewelry, but I love it for this piece and I ended up pairing it alongside my Pandora bracelet:

CocoFeed: Loving this combo @thezoeproject

Since the bracelet was a huge hit for me, the other items ended up being bonus. I have always wanted to try out the tarte mascara, and I was pleased to get it as a full-size. I already love Zoya nail polish and I love the colors that Rachel Zoe picked. I tried out the tan color first and it is growing on me. I can’t wait to try out the other two! The sunglasses are really beautiful and well made. I honestly like them more than any other pair I own, so when spring cleaning comes aroung, they may be my only pair. Lastly, the styling tape is a nice touch but isn’t something I will use.

Overall, I LOVED this box. It was beautifully curated and worth the cost. I can’t wait to see what Rachel has in store for the Summer box!

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My $10 Month with Gwynnie Bee Review

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. Pay a flat monthly subscription fee and get an endless, rotating wardrobe with unlimited exchanges and free shipping both ways.

Self proclaimed ‘Clothing Without Commitment, Gwynnie Bee has become known as the ‘Netflix’ of Plus Size Clothing. I stumbled upon Gwynnie Bee last month when I was looking for plus-size dresses. I vaguely remember going to their website before but at the time I was still in college and it didn’t appeal to me. I started a new job last year and I have been wearing dresses to work everyday – I kid you not. I am generally a 1x or size 16, but depending on the brand can fit into a 14 or 18. I was intrigued by their “$10 For Your First Month” special and decided to try out the service. It seemed like a great deal considering the plans start at $35 and go up to $159 depending on the amount of items you can have out at a time.




I signed up for Gwynnie Bee on January 1st, with the “3 Items At-A-Time Plan” (1 and 2 items were priced at the same $10 special). After adding 8 items to my closet “Rack” (8 is the minimum amount of items needed on your rack at the 3 Item Plan), I patiently waited for my selections to be chosen. They recommend at least 15 items on your rack, but I am picky and wanted to have a better shot at getting my favorites since you can only buy their products when it is “At Home.” I also had about 10 dresses “on hold” for when I needed to add my dresses back up to 8.

Pro-Tip: If you have two slots that need to be filled, have at least 9 items (or however many your plan requires plus one) otherwise the second slot will not get filled since your closet will drop under the minimum.

After awhile, this process became too tedious, so I ended up filling up my wishlist.

On January 5th, I got the following email:

We’re working on it, but unfortunately your Gwynnie Bee package has been delayed beyond our usual 2-3 days. Our apologies!

We’d like to make sure you get your full 30 days of the Gwynnie Bee experience, so to make up for the delay, we are extending your billing date by a week!

Thanks for your patience. We hope to get your package sent to your doorstep within the next few days.

My selections were delayed, but I was pretty excited that my plan had been extended to January 8th, which means I have more time to participate!

The cool thing about purchasing an item is that you don’t have to wait for it to be returned and, in theory, will receive the next item faster. I updated my closet since the size 18’s had been too large, and changed my choices to 1x and 16’s.

Upon creating my membership, I now could shop at the Gwynnie Bee shop, which is basically like “Last Call.” I purchased the following two dresses at $20 each, which would have been a great deal if they hadn’t been 1) too big and 2) worn looking. Oddly enough, the smaller sizes (16 vs 18) was about $18 cheaper. I probably wont use the Shop again since everything is ‘Final Sale.’


ABS-cap-sleeve-floral-fit-and-flare-dress tart-collections-ilene-dress-in-volcano
ABS – Cap Sleeve Floral Fit & Flare Dress – Size 18 Tart Collections – Ilene Dress In Volcano – Size 2X


Check out my individual reviews of the clothes I received each week:

My first shipment arrived January 8th and my final shipment arrived February 7th before my trial subscription was over. Here are a few stats:

I received 19 dresses in total.

Returned Worn: 4

Returned Unworn: 8

Purchased: 7 (plus 2 from the Shop)

Total Spent: $211 (plus $40 from the Shop and $10 subscription)

Throughout the process, one thing I did not like was that the prices to keep the items continuously were updated. So at one point there was a pretty decent sale going on and then suddenly the discount would be lower. At one point it jumped so low, I ended up not purchasing the item because I was annoyed with losing even just a few dollars.




Yours Clothing

Coral And Black Daisy Flocked Peter Pan Collar Skater Dress

This dress is absolutely gorgeous. I would buy it again in a heart beat!


Spruce & Sage

Sunset Charmer Fit & Flare Dress

This dress ended up being too big, so I wish I hadn’t bought it after all.






Skater Dress With Mono Print Blocking

I really liked the uniqueness of this dress and enjoyed wearing it. I wish I had ended up purchasing this one.



Poppy Handkerchief Hem Dress

I was intrigued by this dress and it was at the top of my wishlist… unfortunately I never got the chance to try it!

Overall, I think this is a very cool and fun service. It’s a great way to expand your wardrobe, especially if you are a plus size girl. Gwynnie Bee offers a wide variety of options including pants, shirts, and especially dresses (as you could tell – my favorite!). The price points are a little steep and the shipping process is very troublesome at times – I felt like I spent way too much time picking up and sending off packages. If I ever decided to try the service again, I would want to experience one of the higher plans so that I could have more outfits to play with before having to send back anything. But at $159 for 10 items at a time, the price is way higher than I would consider to rent clothes, especially when I already spent A LOT of money to keep the clothes.



My $10 Month with Gwynnie Bee: Bonus Week Five

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. Pay a flat monthly subscription fee and get an endless, rotating wardrobe with unlimited exchanges and free shipping both ways.

Somehow I was able to fit a total of SIX dresses in my final week… so much luck!

I received the following three on Monday:

spruce-and-sage-sunset-charmer-fit-and-flare-dress lucie-lu-shift-dress-in-pink-chevron triste-etched-printed-shift-dress


Sunset Charmer Fit & Flare Dress


I tried this dress before in Week Two but the 1X was slightly too small. I ended up buying this one at $30 but regret it now as I think it is slightly too big now. I still haven’t worn it.



Shift Dress In Pink Chevron


At $17.50, this dress is perfect! It’s very cute and comfy. No complaints here. It looks great paired with a black belt.



Etched Printed Shift Dress


At $41, this dress was wayyyy too expensive, but it was too pretty to pass up and I ended up buying it. The material is great and the shape is nice. I got a few compliments when I wore it.


I was sweating it for awhile, thinking that the dresses wouldn’t arrive in time for my subscription to be cancelled. I was already trying to decide if I would buy them sight unseen or return them if I had to cancel before they arrived. Luckily, I didn’t have to make that decision because they arrived just in the nick of time!

london-times-tie-waist-printed-blouson-dress your-clothing taylor


Tie Waist Printed Blouson Dress


Oh god, this dress was a hot mess. The material wasn’t so great and the shape was horrendous. It didn’t look anything like the picture!



Coral And Black Daisy Flocked Peter Pan Collar Skater Dress


I almost didn’t try this dress… and it was my absolute favorite. Out of every item I received from Gwynnie Bee, this one was a real winner and made the whole experience worth it. The shape, design, fabric – everything is wonderful about this dress. It is a true staple item. And on sale for $29, it was perfect!



Black & Cream Animal Print Dress


This dress was huge and heavy! The fabric was worn out and pilled. Returned it immediately!


My trial subscription was set to expire the following day, so I went ahead and cancelled. I really loved the service, but the price is a little high for me considering I like to buy the dresses I loved. Additionally, it is a very hands-on subscription, and in times became a little overwhelming. If/When I can afford the 10+ garment plans, I might consider the subscription again so that I don’t have to keep shipping back clothes so often.

I am working on a final post to review Gwynnie Bee… check back soon!

My $10 Month with Gwynnie Bee: Week Four

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. Pay a flat monthly subscription fee and get an endless, rotating wardrobe with unlimited exchanges and free shipping both ways.

My shipments are getting to me faster and faster each week. This week I am finally getting one of the dresses from the top of my wishlist (the ASOS dress below).



Skater Dress With Mono Print Blocking


This dress has been on my wishlist from the beginning and I was super excited to finally get it. Unfortunately didn’t look that great on me. It looks nice but it makes me look wider than I am. It is cute and at $39 it isn’t a horrible price. I just wasn’t as in love with it as I thought I would be. I will wear it one time and then return.




Baroque Floral Fit And Flare Dress


In person, this dress is a lot less colorful than in the photo. It is not as purple/pink as it looks and honestly isn’t as cute as I expected. It doesn’t look anything like the photo. I was recommended a size 12 but I am glad I got the size 14 because it fit perfectly and is actually more fitted than I thought it would be – there isn’t much stretch in the waist. While the material feels very silky soft, at $68 it is not a winner. The belt is absolute crap and looks very worn. I plan to wear it once and then return it.



I also received the Mint Rose Spruce & Sage dress from Week 3 in a 2X, but it ended up being way too big, so it was returned unworn as well.

Next week is my final week!

My $10 Month with Gwynnie Bee: Week Three

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. Pay a flat monthly subscription fee and get an endless, rotating wardrobe with unlimited exchanges and free shipping both ways.

This week’s shipment came EARLY, woohoo! I got the first two items on Tuesday and the third item on Thursday. Not bad at all. Be sure to check out my first and second week review, as well as check back for when I post my full review at the end of my $10 month.

I was exited about these two dresses even though the price was pretty high, they looked cute in the pictures. But they didn’t live up to my expectations, womp womp.



Animal Print Color Blocked Dress


I wasn’t sold on this dress when I saw it in the catalog, but thought it was be something new to try and I added it to my closet as an extra. When I saw it in my queue to send home, I was disappointed that one of my favorites hadn’t been selected this week again, but still I thought it would be fun to try something different… until I saw the price tag. $148 ON SALE. That price is way too high for a work dress. Even if I loved it, I couldn’t convince myself that that price is fair. When it arrived, I could immediately tell it was WAY too big. The quality was nice, but I couldn’t even wear it. Back it goes! (Which I am definitely okay with.)




Striped Fit & Flare Dress With Pink Accent


I generally disdain horizontal stripes, but I absolutely love pink. I decided to give this dress a chance since it looks so cute in the picture. I wasn’t super happy about getting sent another dress in the $50 range, but at least it was a little more attainable than the last dress. When it arrived, the white stripes were a little more grey colored. Once I put it on, it was way too big. I can’t give it a fair review, because I didn’t even get to wear it.


My third dress was supposed to come on Thursday, but ended up coming Wednesday (WOW!) so I was actually able to wear it this week (I was off work Friday).



Paper Mache Chelsea Dress


After my experience with the last Triste Chelsea Dress, I decided to look at their other patterns. I noticed this one and thought it would be a nice option, since I actually liked the fit. This dress is still in the $46 range, so again I was on the fence. The fabric seems a little cheaper than the other Chelsea Dress but I love the pattern on this one more. I ended up deciding to purchase it since I did like it a lot and did not want to miss out on it again.



Good news is that they have already started prepping one of my next items.. and it’s gorgeous. I am hoping it will get here by Saturday! 4 dress in one week would be a first!


The dress came on time, so I am including it below:



Mint Rose Fit & Flare Dress


For $33, I was VERY excited about this one. The color is beautiful and I love the rose print. Unfortunately it fit tight at the waist and showed off my back fat … so it is getting returned after I wear it once to work (with a jacket to hide the back). Another Spruce & Sage dress that I wish I had picked the 2X. The material is on the cheaper side but still looks nice. I think I am going to re-closet it in the 2X and try to get it again. As well as the other Spruce & Sage dress I liked that was too small.