OuiPlease Vol. 1.3: A Breath of Provence Review

OuiPlease Vol. 1.3: “A Breath of Provence” is valued at more than $400 per parcel. Your exclusive parcel will feature a surprise selection of the finest French products, making each delivery limited edition.

My boyfriend offered to buy me the annual subscription for our two year anniversary since he knew I had been lusting over it. It was set to ship toward the end of April, which was perfect since our anniversary is April 29. I was so excited to receive my parcel! 

Unfortunately, OuiPlease had shipping delays and the item didn’t end up shipping until May 14. Luckily, it arrived to me today since it was picked up in Texas!

The packaging did not disappoint. It is absolutely beautiful and lux feeling:


However, the contents of my box were a bit of a let down after seeing spoilers for the box already.

Here’s the full list of what was included in my box:

  • Tassia Canellis – Way Ring ($60)
  • Oliv’ La Claree – Radiance Elixir ($50)
  • Oliv’ Last Claree – Beauty Oil ($35)
  • La Fare 1789 – Voluminizing & Shining Shampoo ($25)
  • La Fare 1789 – Succulent Foot Cream ($15)
  • Coeur De Cigale – Shower Gel Fragrance Calisson ($25)
  • Panier Des Sens – Hand Cream Lemon ($15)
  • Rose et Marius – Les Carreaux de Ciment – Melon & Basil Fragrance ($15)
  • Plates & Parfums –  Sault Collection – Provence Lavender Flower Stchet ($15)
  • Epicure de Provence – Honey Candy Jar ($15)
  • Sothys – Rouge Intense Satiny Lipstick in Orange Saint-Paul ($30)
  • Sothys – Intense Brown Eye Pencil ($15)

All prices were taken from the included booklet, except for the Sothys items which I quoted from online sources.

The total value for my box is just $315 , which is $85 less than the promised $400 value. While I was pleased with my items, I was fairly disappointed by the difference. Especially after seeing other’s boxes including additional high value jewelry and accessories. I definitely feel like something is missing from mine.  I have reached out to the company to hopefully remedy this.

Despite this, I am pleased with the selection and genuine curation. The box felt French, which is why I’m sure a lot of people want it in the first place. I really liked all of the simple touches they added to the box and the booklet was very well designed

I am excited to try out the different products that were included. I don’t think I have a favorite one yet but I am most intrigued by the Radiance Elixir and Beauty Oil. I also surprising like the Way Ring I received. It is very dainty and only fits my pinky, but I dig it so far.

My least favorite item would have to be the Honey Candy. It was not good at all, which is unfortunate considering they valued it at $15. I expect way more from candy at that price point.

Overall, I really like the box and I am excited to see what other items OuiPlease brings to the subscription. I do not like the varying items and values between subscribers. I hope that they are able to make the next box more fair and balanced.

7 thoughts on “OuiPlease Vol. 1.3: A Breath of Provence Review

  1. I love what I received just as you did but I also feel like my package was under the promised $400 value. I was wondering what Ouiplease replied to you when you let them know.

    I want to see if it is worth even bothering emailing them since the box was shipped later than expected, did not have the promised value and I don’t know if I should even bother continuing my subscription.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    1. Hi Karina, I did hear back and they said they would send me a gift to make up for the low value. I will post an update once I receive it.

    2. Lucky you! I wish I had received earrings. They did send me a gift but it was 2 more tubes of hand cream. Still, it was nice to get something. I just received box 1.4 and was really disappointed that the enclosed t-shirt was stained and had a hole in it. I really thought this would be a quality subscription with a lot of variety but am now regretting it. Hope you had a better experience with this month’s box.

  2. Hi Courtney! Thanks for posting this. I just received my first Oui Please box after purchasing an annual subscription. I kind of regret that now. My box was similar to yours except that I received the lotion instead of the shower gel and did not receive an eye pencil making the value of my box to be $300. Really disappointing that we didn’t get more fashion/lifestyle items. Did you ever hear back from customer service?

    1. Hi Melissa, I heard back from them finally after sending a second email. They said they will send me a “gift” in a few weeks. I will post an update once I receive it.

    1. Sorry for the late reply.. they sent me a pair of Tassia Canellis earrings.. tiny and gold. Might work for a little girl.

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