My $10 Month with Gwynnie Bee: Week Three

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. Pay a flat monthly subscription fee and get an endless, rotating wardrobe with unlimited exchanges and free shipping both ways.

This week’s shipment came EARLY, woohoo! I got the first two items on Tuesday and the third item on Thursday. Not bad at all. Be sure to check out my first and second week review, as well as check back for when I post my full review at the end of my $10 month.

I was exited about these two dresses even though the price was pretty high, they looked cute in the pictures. But they didn’t live up to my expectations, womp womp.



Animal Print Color Blocked Dress


I wasn’t sold on this dress when I saw it in the catalog, but thought it was be something new to try and I added it to my closet as an extra. When I saw it in my queue to send home, I was disappointed that one of my favorites hadn’t been selected this week again, but still I thought it would be fun to try something different… until I saw the price tag. $148 ON SALE. That price is way too high for a work dress. Even if I loved it, I couldn’t convince myself that that price is fair. When it arrived, I could immediately tell it was WAY too big. The quality was nice, but I couldn’t even wear it. Back it goes! (Which I am definitely okay with.)




Striped Fit & Flare Dress With Pink Accent


I generally disdain horizontal stripes, but I absolutely love pink. I decided to give this dress a chance since it looks so cute in the picture. I wasn’t super happy about getting sent another dress in the $50 range, but at least it was a little more attainable than the last dress. When it arrived, the white stripes were a little more grey colored. Once I put it on, it was way too big. I can’t give it a fair review, because I didn’t even get to wear it.


My third dress was supposed to come on Thursday, but ended up coming Wednesday (WOW!) so I was actually able to wear it this week (I was off work Friday).



Paper Mache Chelsea Dress


After my experience with the last Triste Chelsea Dress, I decided to look at their other patterns. I noticed this one and thought it would be a nice option, since I actually liked the fit. This dress is still in the $46 range, so again I was on the fence. The fabric seems a little cheaper than the other Chelsea Dress but I love the pattern on this one more. I ended up deciding to purchase it since I did like it a lot and did not want to miss out on it again.



Good news is that they have already started prepping one of my next items.. and it’s gorgeous. I am hoping it will get here by Saturday! 4 dress in one week would be a first!


The dress came on time, so I am including it below:



Mint Rose Fit & Flare Dress


For $33, I was VERY excited about this one. The color is beautiful and I love the rose print. Unfortunately it fit tight at the waist and showed off my back fat … so it is getting returned after I wear it once to work (with a jacket to hide the back). Another Spruce & Sage dress that I wish I had picked the 2X. The material is on the cheaper side but still looks nice. I think I am going to re-closet it in the 2X and try to get it again. As well as the other Spruce & Sage dress I liked that was too small.


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