My $10 Month with Gwynnie Bee: Week Two

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. Pay a flat monthly subscription fee and get an endless, rotating wardrobe with unlimited exchanges and free shipping both ways.

All 3 dresses for this week have finally arrived and I have had a chance to review them. Check out my Week One post if you haven’t already, and I will be posting an extensive review and overview at the end of my $10 month.



My first outfit of the week arrived yesterday, and it was pretty adorable.


EFFIE'S HEART Dolce Vita Dress In Mariposa Print


Dolce Vita Dress In Mariposa Print


Finally, a perfect fit! This dress is seriously adorable and unique! I love the butterfly print.

I do have to say that the dress looked a tad bit worn, but not too much, and my boyfriend disagreed with me and said it didn’t. Also the dress is very slightly see-through, so make sure you aren’t wearing a polka dot bra like I was when I tried it on. Nit-picking: The belt loops were a bit stretched and the pockets drooped a tad.

Other than that it was a seriously cute design, and I decided to buy it the same night (on sale for $29.50). I wore it to work the next day!



The following two dresses arrived earlier today:


TRISTE Colorfully Tiled Chelsea Dress


Colorfully Tiled Chelsea Dress


I am still currently on the fence about this dress. I plan to wear it tomorrow because it actually looks nice on me. But at $45.50, I am hestitant to pull the trigger. My main complaint is that the print actually looks fairly different than the photo. It is very colorful but the colors look kinda weird together. My best example is that it looks like a child’s craft project. The fit is great though and it seems to hide my problem areas. The quality is nice and the dress appears to be new. I am wearing it tomorrow and will decide then whether I am willing to pay that much for this dress.


SPRUCE AND SAGE Sunset Charmer Fit and Flare Dress


Sunset Charmer Fit & Flare Dress


Love the print and the quality of the material is nice. I definitely loved the idea of dress and it actually looked nice in person but unfortunately it accentuated my hips, tummy, and back. The first two I can handle, but my most hated spot is my upper back fat. I think in this case the 2X may have been nicer because it wouldn’t have been so form fitting. Overall, though, it was a very nice dress. At $35 on sale, I probably would have bought it if it wasn’t so unflattering in my problem spots. Also, I am pretty sure this dress was new or worn only a handful of times.



Overall, it was a pretty good week. But I am really excited to see what is picked for me next.

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