My $10 Month with Gwynnie Bee: Week One

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription clothing rental service for sizes 10-32. Pay a flat monthly subscription fee and get an endless, rotating wardrobe with unlimited exchanges and free shipping both ways.

I am writing a full review of my $10 Month with Gwynnie Bee, but I decided to update weekly on my experiences. This is week one!


I decided to add only dresses because that is what I wear to work every day. I usually wear 1x and size 16s, but also 2x and 18s. To be safe I chose the latter, since I was sure they would fit fine – I was pretty wrong.


JESSICA HOWARD Short Sleeve Colorblock Sheath Dress


Short Sleeve Colorblock Sheath Dress


Beautiful in the photo, but unfortunately the 18W was way too large on me. I feel like even if I had sized down, it would have been blocky on me.

I really love the colorblock design and the dress is obviously well made. It felt very nice to the touch and seemed sturdy.

I forgot to note the price, but it was in the $20-30 range on sale. Good price if it would have fit!


BB DAKOTA Batavia Dress


Batavia Dress


Adorable dress! But on me, the top was very droopy and way too big – which at 40DD is not usual. The waist was also too big, although it wouldn’t have been so bad if the top fit. I think if I would have downsized, the top would have still been too big and the waist might be too small. It had a very odd shape.

I did love the material, and the print was gorgeous. Might have been my favorite, material wise.

I forgot to note the price, but it was in the $20-30 range on sale. I probably would have bought it if the top hadn’t been so huge.


POSTCARDS Tribal Print Cascade Dress


Tribal Print Cascade Dress


This dress was shorter than the previous two, and a slightly cheaper feeling material although still good.

The fit was decent, and after the first two being such duds, I was happy that it even fit!

I bought it immediately (on sale for $17.50) and I wore it out that night. The price was a great value and I’ve worn it twice since!



I got off easy this week with only spending $17.50 and got a pretty cute dress. Not a bad week at all, although I was sad that I only could wear one of the three dresses I received this week. I am going to change the dresses in my closet to 1x and 16s since the 18s were so big on me. Hopefully it will work out better next week!

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