CocoFeed: Trying out @trueandcompany

CocoFeed: Trying out True&Co’s Home Try-On Program

I decided to try out True&Company’s Home Try-On Program. I am usually a 38DD, but there were only a few in that size to order. I ended up getting three 38D’s and two 38DD’s.


The only one that even remotely fit (the Contour+ 38D) still did not look quite right and did nothing for my breasts. The other four bras were too tight in both the band and cup.

The quality of the bras were nice but I felt like for the price there are better options. I ended up returning all 5 bras.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the service. Shipping was fast and the bras arrived in great condition – I assume they were all unused. But I do hope that they decide to expand their sizes to include larger cup and band sizes.

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