I’m on the list for the Violet VoxBox!

The Colgate SlimSoft VoxBox isn’t even over yet and I have been invited to participate in ANOTHER VoxBox… this time the Violet VoxBox. I took a pre-survey for the Varsity VoxBox but apparently didn’t qualify for it… which is fine by me (rumor it is all samples) because the Violet VoxBox sounds wayyyy cooler! And girlier, which is a total plus in my book.

Dark, moody florals are back in full-stride this fall, and the Violet VoxBox will be the envy of Beauty Queens across Influenster Nation – so you’re quite the lucky lady!

The description is pretty vague, so of course I am brimming with excitement to know what’s in the Violet VoxBox… stay tuned, I will update once it arrives!

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