Bath & Body Works Body Sponge

Bath & Body Works Body Sponge

A must-have for all bathing beauties! Our gentle sponge has a convenient strap and is the perfect puffy accessory for a luxurious cleansing experience.

What are these things even called? Puffs? Gauze Sponges? Loofahs? It seems like no one really knows! I never know what to call them… it will be awkward if they ever get brought up in person… (“you know, those bath body scrubber thingys??”).

Anyways, I picked up one of these body puffs over the weekend from Bath & Body Works for $3.50! ISN’T IT CUTE? It’s SUPER soft, and works great! I am a sucker for pink and polka dots! They also have them in purple, blue, white, and orange in-store and online (click here to view).

I also picked up another C.O. Bigelow product on this trip, their Lemon Lip Cream.. can you say: future review!???

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