Obsessed with Kat Von D’s Fragrances

I absolutely love perfumes and colognes. I am not one of those connoisseurs who can tell you what notes there are or anything like that, in fact I am horrible at it. I simply enjoy perfumes, and that’s that.

My ALL TIME favorite scent is Sinner by Kat Von D and I happen to own her entire collection because of this.

poetica adora saint sinner
My fascination started with Kat’s collection when I read a review about Adora as being sexy and mysterious… and that is exactly what I wanted to be. After much searching online and at Sephora, I was able to get the whole collection piece by piece – all on sale!

Here is my ranking of the collection:

1. Sinner (2009)

Sinner is my go to scent. I will wear it any time of day or season just because I love it so much. I suppose you could say it is my signature scent at the moment. It is absolutely intoxicating and beautiful. Huge plus? My boyfriend LOVES it!

Click here to see the notes in Sinner.

2. Saint (2009)

Saint ranks very close to Sinner for me, except that Saint is a little more feminine, while Sinner is edgier. It is unique and sweet.

Click here to see the notes in Saint.

3. Poetica (2011)

Poetica is the first scent I owned by Kat. It was my absolute favorite at the time. It is much softer compared to her other perfumes and very romantic, floral, and feminine. I always get compliments when I wear it.

Click here to see the notes in Poetica.

4. Adora (Summer 2010)

I wanted to love it so much but Adora just does not do it for me. In my opinion, it has a similar quality to Rebelle by Rihanna (a fragrance I am not too keen on) but Adora is stronger and in my opinion even less tolerable. According to Fragrantica, a note they share is Amber, so perhaps that is the reason.

Click here to see the notes in Adora.

I hope Kat Von D comes out with a new fragrance someday because I will definitely be adding it to my collection!

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