Steve Madden BSOCIAL purse

Steve Madden BSOCIAL purse

Immediately after finishing my French final, my dad suggested we do a little light shopping before heading home. (My final was at 8am, so I asked my dad to give me a ride to town so I didn’t have to wake up so early). Found some cute boots at Charlotte Russe($9.99, orig. $45), and a pretty ring by Footnotes at JCPenney($20), but the HUGE find of the day was our last stop at Marshalls when I spotted this GORGEOUS blue, almost purple, Steve Madden handbag. And here’s the kicker… it was only $39.99!! It retails at $108 anywhere else online, so this was definitely the Sick Steal of the Day! Maybe year! Can you tell I am in love with this purse??!?!?! Also, after we had some REALLY good burgers at Centerpoint Station in San Marcos, TX.

I can’t wait to wear the purse out for the first time on Wednesday.. it’s going to be my lucky charm for my Brain & Behavior final. Not to mention, I’ll be wearing the boots when we go out dancing at Cowboys next week! Plus this ring is SUPER cute! I’ve been looking for something simple and cute to wear daily (my other ring is so fancy in comparison!). An overall GREAT day with my Dad ^^

Here are some pics I took:

Steve Madden BSOCIAL purse   JCPenney ring

Charlotte Russe Boots   Burgers at Centerpoint Station

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You can check out the purse at

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