Olay Fresh Effects

Olay Fresh Effects keeps skin sparkling from morning till night! The six cleansers and moisturizers offer all-day freshness, and can be mixed and matched for a totally unique experience. The simple yet effective formulas will spruce up your beauty routine, for a long-lasting, beautiful look.

Included in my Influenster SweetHeart Voxbox was the Olay Fresh Effects {Va-Va-Vivid!} Powered Contour Cleansing System!

To start, the Cleansing System comes with two items: the {Shine, Shine, Go Away!} Shine Minimizing Cleanser and an electric facial cleansing brush.

When I first opened this kit, I assumed the brush was just like any face brush… and then when I was writing this review, I realized it was actually electric! The brush itself is designed to get around your face’s contours—the T-zone, hairline, and nose. I would have to agree that the triangular design of the brush is very efficient in reaching those places!

Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System

Now lets talk about the cleanser… I really, really like the way it smells. It is a relatively common smell, I have quite a few products that are similar. But it is very fresh and clean. The cleanser is a pearl-y silver color, and goes on very smooth. I have VERY oily skin, and anything that combats shine is awesome in my book. I am always looking for cleansers to use with my Clarisonic, and I think Olay’s Fresh Effects cleanser may be a contender!

Application: Splash your face and the cleansing brush with a little water. Squeeze Olay Fresh Effects cleanser onto the bristles, turn on the brush and apply it to your face in gentle circles. After about a minute, rinse your face and the brush with cool water. Va-Va-Vivid! Is safe for use in the shower, but do not submerge in water. Avoid contact with eyes.

You can find Olay products at most major retailers, and online at Olay’s website and Amazon. Suggested retail price: $12.99 for the cleansing system, $6.99 for 5oz cleanser.

Courtney’s Rating: A

Disclaimer: I received these products to test for free through the Influenster VoxBox program.

Michelle bought me MyChelle for Christmas!

My friend Michelle and I decided to swap Christmas presents this year, and she got me a few MyChelle Dermaceuticals products to test out! She was so excited to give them to me in that cute little box because all of the products fit perfectly inside like a puzzle. I’d never heard of MyChelle until Michelle bought these product for me, but I love the fact that MyChelle is so similar to Michelle’s name! So every time I use them I think of her XD She bought me two full size products (step 1 and 2), and two trial creams to try out.

From its inception, MyChelle Dermaceuticals has been a true pioneer in combining clinically proven, natural bioactive ingredients with cutting-edge science. It is this innovative approach that has made MyChelle Dermaceuticals the leader in results-driven, nontoxic skin care, and the source for education with the utmost integrity. Discover MyChelle »


Fruit Enzyme Cleanser

Fruit Enzyme Cleanser

Exfoliating, sulfate-free cleanser with Fruit AHAs for fresh, smooth skin.
The cleanser is very gentle on the skin, and lathers up with just a small dime-size amount. I love how clean and refreshed my skin feels afterward. The scent is very subtle, mainly of tangerines.
2.1 oz – $9.69 from MyChelle.com


Cranberry Mud Mask

Cranberry Mud Mask

Draws out blemish-causing impurities to detoxify and soothe.
Pricey for the amount, I honestly probably wouldn’t purchase it for that reason alone. But it does feel like it’s actually cleaning and closing my pores. I don’t like the smell while applying the mask, but it’s not very noticeable once it’s on. Ultimately, the price is a deal breaker for me.
1.2 oz – $25.09 from MyChelle.com

Oil Free Grapefruit Cream

Oil Free Grapefruit Cream

Lightweight restorative cream with SCO Totarol™ to control blemish-prone skin.
I’m in love with this cream! I tend to have an oily face, and the cream seems to tame my oiliness. It’s nourishing, and has a very light and creamy texture. The grapefruit isn’t overpowering, at all, but there is an unscented for those who might not like it.
.202 oz – $2.09 from MyChelle.com
Pumpkin Renew Cream

Pumpkin Renew Cream

Rich Pumpkin formula moisturizes and protects daily cellular renewal.
The cream smells of honeysuckle, pumpkin spice and is heaven! It’s super moisturizing and leaves skin feeling smooth!
.165 oz – $4.19 from MyChelle.com