Country Outfitter and Corral Boots!

Last time I talked to you all about cowboy boots it was in-relation to a cheap pair I bought at Ross… well, somehow I have even more so become a huge fan of boots, and recently won two Country Outfitter $150 giveaways (One at I Love Farm Weddings and the other at A Thrifty Diva)! I had already been drooling over the beautiful Corral Boots, so I already knew which two pairs I’d be purchasing!

Country Outfitter

After waiting patiently for my gift cards to arrive, I ordered my first pair of REAL cowboy boots! The first gift card I used to purchase these beauties, my new dancing boots:

Corral Desert Red Goat Leather Boot – R1952

Corral Desert Red Goat Leather Boot Corral Desert Red Goat Leather Boot Corral Desert Red Goat Leather Boot Corral Desert Red Goat Leather Boot

My second pair came awhile after, as there was a little delay in getting the 2nd gift card, but soon enough, I had my FAVORITE pair of boots on my feet!!! These boots are so beautiful, it’s shocking. Every time I wear them I feel like a million bucks!

Corral Yellow/Red/Turquoise Butterfly Boot – A1928

Corral Yellow/Red/Turquoise Butterfly Boot Corral Yellow/Red/Turquoise Butterfly Boot

I wholly recommend Country Outfitter for your cowboy boots needs! They are a wonderful company, and I was actually shocked how fast my boots arrived to me despite them being back-ordered or something like that.

I think I am forever a cowgirl now and these will not be the last boots I purchase… I see an addiction beginning!