Diamond Candles Review and Ring Reveal

Since I really loved the JewelScent Candles I bought a few weeks ago, I decided to try out the brand that I first heard of years ago doing the same ring candle concept: Diamond Candles.

I really wanted to try the Irish Cream Latte Ring Candle and found a coupon for Buy Two Get One Free (they are regularly $25 each)… it was hard to pass up. I ordered Irish Cream Latte (for the kitchen) along with Tropical Retreat (for the bathroom) and It’s A Boy (because who doesn’t like the smell of baby powder?).

They arrived well packaged and in decent time. I don’t like the candle holder as much as JewelScent’s but it’s still nice. One thing I did notice is that these candles are kind of lumpy on top and even once they have melted and re-molded they are still lumpy. Other than that, they smell nice and are a lot stronger than the JewelScent candles which is a huge plus.

  • Irish Cream Latte – Indulge in this sweet blend of dark roasted coffee and Irish whiskey with butterscotch and caramel drizzled all over. Top it off with creamy whipped cream!

  • It’s A Boy – Your little one smells like a little angel after bath time. A sweet combination of soft powder, bubble bath, and honey-vanilla, this scent brings a smile to your face.

  • Tropical Retreat – With a hint of the Caribbean, a blend of green bananas, coconuts, oranges & grapefruits takes your nose on a vacation of a life time – right from inside your home! On this journey to paradise, Tropical Retreat is sure to relax you.

I was able to get all three rings the same night I first lit them which was pretty cool. They were easier to remove from the wax but two of the three rings had some leakage and the ring reveal coupons were fairly wet, as well.

Here are the rings I dug out of the candles:

CocoFeed: Dug out the $10 rings. Entered in all three codes and don't win anything in the

Unlike JewelScent, you cannot choose your ring size with Diamond Candles. Of the three rings, only one of them fit, but luckily the one that fit was my favorite! My favorite is the purple ring in the middle. The ring has a butterfly on either side of the stone which was a very cute detail! Another difference between JewelScent is that these rings are only gauranteed to be worth $10. To receive anything higher you must win it in the “Ring Reveal” from the coupon/code that is inside the candle alongside the ring. I really liked that JewelScent had slightly higher valued rings in the candles, so at least if you didn’t win the “jackpot” you at least got a fairly decent ring. These rings were very cheap and not a great consolation prize compared to my experience with JewelScent.

I entered in all three of my coupon codes into the Ring Reveal program, which is actually a pretty cool idea! I thought it was fun being able to potentially capture an awesome moment such as winning an expensive piece of jewelry…. unfortunately all three of my webcam recordings ended up with the ZERO, ZILCH, and NADA results. I was pretty bummed not to win anything since I was hoping for my beginner’s luck to help me out.

Overall, I think Diamond Candles was a complete miss for me. While I did like the strength of the candle’s scents, I really was not impressed with the ring quality. Since the whole gimmick of ring candles is about finding jewelry, I think I will stick with JewelScent for now as they really do give you a quality product.

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