Stila Collectible Travel Palettes

Stila Collectible Travel Palettes - Make an impression in Moscow

Almost exactly one year ago, I bought one of Stila‘s travel palettes (“Make an impression in Moscow,” pictured left) from Sephora because it was only $10 and I needed another item to get free shipping. The palette came with four eye shadows (cutely named Matruschka, Chill, Nadia, and Mink) and a Convertible Color (Lily). I didn’t expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised when I used the palette for the first time. The colors went together beautifully, and I use the palette every time I go on an overnight trip or even just a quick fix for a day/night out. So, this year as I was doing my Christmas/Birthday Sephora shopping, I needed a few more items to get free shipping, and once again purchased Stila’s travel palette, but this time I bought 3 from the Beach collection: Wonderful in Waikiki, Haute in the Hamptons, and Striking in South Beach! I probably would have purchased the entire set, but Stunning in Sayulita (No.1) and Living the Life in Laguna (No.5) were out of stock! Apparently, the palettes went up to $14, but the Beach collection is on sale for $9 now that Summer is over, and they’re selling out fast!

Haute in the Hamptons – Beach Palette No. 2
The Hamptons conjurs up images of windswept sandy beaches, picket fences, and opulent surroundings. Haute in the Hamptons pays homage to this summertime playground of the rich and famous.

Eye Shadows: Sand, Linen, Route 27 , Blue Skies
Cheek Color: Hydrangea
Bronzing Powder: Montauk Highway

Striking in South Beach – Beach Palette No. 3
World famous for glitz and glamour, pristine beaches, fashionable people, and a lively nightlife, South Beach is the place to see and be seen, where you can play all day and party all night. Striking in South Beach celebrates the vibrant culture and international flavor of this popular beach community.

Eye Shadows: Ocean Drive, Wave, Nightlife, Cabana
Cheek Color: Art Deco
Bronzing Powder: Sobe

Wonderful in Waikiki – Beach Palette No. 4
Located on the south shore of Oahu, Waikiki is celebrated for its soft white sand, turquoise water, gentle breezes, and spectacular sunsets. Whether you’re learning how to hula, trying your hand at surfing, or partaking in a festive luau, it’s easy to see why Waikiki is known as paradise found and the epitome of fun in the sun.

Eye Shadows: Wahine, Sarong, Coconut, Surf
Cheek Color: North Shore
Bronzing Powder: Hanauma Bay

First Impression:

The palettes, although cute, look incredibly small and I was very apprehensive at first, but the super low cost was the turning point for me. Each palette consists of four 0.15 oz eye shadows, a 0.11 oz cheek color, and a 0.11 oz bronzing powder. The color combinations are classy and fun at the same time, and could be used for many different social settings. Unlike previous collections, each palette comes with application instructions, but I probably wont use them very often. Luckily the Convertible Color has been replaced with a blush and bronzer in this collection, because I rarely used it. The one thing I didn’t like about “Make an impression in Moscow” was the random blue eye shadow, and it’s the same case with this collection. When done right, I’m a huge fan of blue eye shadow, but unfortunately I rarely do them right.. so the blues will most likely go untouched again. Overall, what I love the most about these palettes is how versatile each one is and how many options it gives me, all the while staying on a budget.


The eye shadows are fairly pigmented with a smooth texture, and are very blend-able.

Bottom Line:

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Courtney’s Rating: A