CocoFeed: JewelScent Cinnamon Buns Wax Tarts Review + Ring Reveal

Warm ground cinnamon melds with the fragrant scent of freshly baked bread and is accentuated by sweet notes of piping hot icing to create this decadent nod to the delicious confectionery delight.

The Cinnamon Buns scent is a seasonal Jewel Scent Wax Tart that is only avaliable during specific times of the year… and I am SO happy I was able to get one!

The smell is absolutely heavenly and I am so much in LOVE with it. The smell filled my entire apartment and basically had me drooling.

And the best part? The RING! Check out what I received below:


The ring value is $40 according to the Ring Appraisal on JewelScent’s site. It isn’t as high as the other ring I received before, but I like this one just as much! Especially since it is pink!

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CocoFeed: JewelScent Lemon Macaron Ring Candle – Ring Revealed Inside!

Unfortunately, the smell for this one was almost nonexistent and I wasn’t a huge fan of the actual candle style of this one. But… the RING!!! WAS GORGEOUS!!! I’ve been wearing it for days now!

CocoFeed: Had to finally dig this beauty out toward the bottom of the candle. Totally worth the wait as it is appraised at $100 on the site. Kinda chunky but gorgeous. Doesn't look like its sterling silver tho

This ring appraised for $100! I absolutely adore this ring and can’t wait to keep trying for a token!

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CocoFeed: JewelScent Pumpkin Caramel Ring Candle – Ring Revealed Inside!

This candle is absolutely beautiful and smells great. Although, I wish it was stronger. It didn’t quite fill the room as I had hoped. The ring in this one was a miss for me, but my best friend’s daughter LOVED it.

CocoFeed: First ring obtained! Not really my style. Worth $22 according to the site. Fingers crossed for the next candle! No sign of it yet @jewelscent

This ring appraised for $22!

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