Jimmy Choo EDT

I walked into Sephora one day and smelled something heavenly. The girl working there mentioned a lady had just been there and went crazy over the Jimmy Choo EDT and sprayed it all over herself. I was immediately in love and did the exact same thing – bathed in it! This was early decemeber, so I still had time before Christmas and my boyfriend Jake bought it for me from FragranceNet (you just can’t beat their prices!).

Jimmy Choo EDT

Announced as “a dazzling aura of glittering femininity”

Perfumer Olivier Polge created Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette as a modern floral – fruity composition with deep woody base. Its opening bursts with vibrant freshness of ginger, pear and green accords. Exotic tiger orchid, which forms the heart of the original, is blended with tea rose to create a seductive floral aura. The base is woody, but unlike the debut it does not contain patchouli, it contains cedar and vibrant woods.

I had a hard time distinguishing the smells (must go back to my crappy nose) but the most noticeable notes for me are PEAR and ROSES, with a slight woodsy undernote.

I was at Sephora with my best friend when I found Jimmy Choo EDT, and she was actually surprised how much I loved it. I generally go for strong scents like Gucci Guilty Intense to name drop one in particular. And Jimmy Choo EDT is much more… innocent or pure. Compared to my usual sexy and strong scents. Jimmy Choo is light and delicate. Clean and refreshing.

Will I purchase a full size? DUH! Already bagged it for Christmas from my boyfriend. Hooray!

Where to Buy? My two favorite perfume sources: Sephora and FragranceNet as options. FragranceNet consistently provides 15-21% off coupons, so make sure to check RetailMeNot before you purchase. Prices calculated on Jan 6, 2014.

3.4 oz Jimmy Choo EDT

  • Sephora – I couldn’t find the EDT prices online, but I know they sell it in-store. I believe retail it is $85.
  • FragranceNet – $53.19 without coupon

Perfume of the Day: Escada Cherry in the Air

I have been wanting to test out all of the fragrance samples I have received over the last year, but have not taken it upon myself to actually do it… until now! Honestly, I will not exactly be posting a new perfume every day, but I will be reviewing a lot more perfumes in the future now that I am *forcing* myself to finally do it.

Being as this is the *first* POTD, I plan to post a simple review of my thoughts and then whether or not I plan to purchase.

What perfume spawned this sudden bought of un-laziness you may ask?

Well that would be Escada Cherry in the Air.

I recently received a sample in my latest Sephora online purchase (I am finally trying Bare Escentuals / Minerals again, woohoo). The thing is – I HATE CHERRIES. Venemously. I do not like cherry flavored drinks or raw cherries. I do however like DESSERTS like cherry pie, but that is about it. When I order a sundae or drink that has a cherry… it goes to waste or one of my lucky friends get to eat it.

So when I smelled Escada Cherry in the Air, I was SHOCKED. Shocked that I liked it, and impressed with how good it smelled.

Summer is for fun, enjoying life, and taking in the fresh air as you go. Riding a bicycle in the French countryside, you stop on the way to pick some cherries and share them with loved ones. The sweet cherry taste brings to mind the pleasurable, breathtaking, and out-of-this-world feeling of falling in love, and that special summer when it came about.

Black Cherry, Raspberry, Mandarin, Marshmallow, Gardenia, Coconut, Sandalwood, Oakwood.

Fun. Pleasurable. Special.

I am probably the worst person to do a perfume review since I suck at distinguishing smells and half the time my nose is stuffy and completely useless. But I absolutely love them, regardless.

The most noticeable notes for me are CHERRIES (obviously) but with a more sour quality, MARSHMALLOW, and a hint of RASPBERRY.

This is definitely a youthful fragrance. It made me immediately feel the age of about thirteen but more glam and less pimpley. And at the same time, slightly sexy. That age where a girl is just becoming a woman.

Overall, it is very light fragrance, probably more suitable for the daytime. It plays between the feelings of sweet and sour. It has decent lasting power, not bad but not great either.

Will I purchase a full size? No, simply because it is not “me.” It is a pleasant scent but after I wore it today, I am ready to move on. And that is usually how to tell if you like something or not.

Where to Buy? For future note, I will be listing my two favorite perfume sources: Sephora and FragranceNet as options. FragranceNet consistently provides 15-21% off coupons, so make sure to check RetailMeNot before you purchase. Prices calculated on Dec 13, 2013.

3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

  • Sephora $75
  • FragranceNet $64.19 but as low as $50.71

1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

  • FragranceNet $44.19 but as low as $34.91

0.25 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

  • Sephora $20