iOS 7 and the WordPress App!

Oh my goodness! A lot happened today… For starters, iOS 7 dropped today and it is so awesome!

My favorite features at the moment

  • Your favorites (under contacts) now have photos!
  • The photos app in general, especially the addition of a videos album!!!!
  • Folders can hold A LOT more apps
  • The look and feel in general
  • Siri, messages, etc. Apps all updated

What I don’t like is much shorter:

  • The charging icon is unnoticeable… I thought my charger broke
  • Emojis need a face lift
  • Still can’t fully control colors. I want my chat bubbles to be pink, already!!

I am still getting used to and discovering the new functions, but so far I am in love with the update! It looks so refreshed and sleek. I loved my old Windows KIN 2m phone for this exact reason… The operating system was very stylish! I thought iOS was already amazing until this update, now the old one looks bulky and dated!

So exciting…. If only they would let me control the color scheme…

Oh and I discovered the WordPress app today as well! Updating is so much easier that I believe I will actually be able to keep up with a blog now!

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