Quirky Converge 4-port USB Charging Station in Black Aluminum Review

I happened across Quirky products through Amazon while searching for an outlet plug with USB ports. I immediately fell in love with their Converge 4-port USB charging station, but was scared off by the high price: $69-89 depending on the color. I, of course, liked the more expensive version: Black Aluminum. Our apartment’s kitchen has black and silver finishes so it would be perfect there!

I decided to Google reviews and found that Quirky was actually offering their Converge for 60% off with the coupon code CONVERGE. 60%? That’s practically free!

With the coupon, the price was dropped from $89 to only $36. And with tax, it was still under $40. AMAZING!


The Converge charging station arrived today and I am already in love with it. It cleans up our kitchen and looks beautiful at the same time. It really is a quality product and that shows even in the top notch packaging. I am so happy with my purchase.

Unfortunately, they do not seem to have the Aluminum (White and Black) versions in stock, but they still have plain Black, Green, Pink, Teal, and White for $69. The coupon still works as of now, but you need to spend at least $30 to get free shipping and with the coupon the item drops below that price. Luckily they have some pretty neat products that are in the $5 range!

I also really like the Pivot Power Surge Protector as well as the Space Bar Monitor Stand. Although, the latter is pretty expensive. I am on the lookout for an extreme coupon for the Space Bar next!

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